Partial denture

(individual natural teeth are still in place)
Possible solution: Removeable partial dentures*

In cases where individual natural teeth are still in place, the gaps in between can be filled by a "removable partial denture". This is held in position either by clasps, which are often readily visible, or by means of retention elements which can only be attached to crowns or bridges.

* This is a metal framework from a chrome cobalt aloy additioned with artificial teeth and denture base material.

Complete denture

DT M. Maier, Bern

(no natural teeth remain)
Possible solution: Complete denture

The complete denture replaces your natural teeth. No surgical interventions are necessary. Tips on selecting the right tooth mould:

  • Bring with you an old photo which shows your smile with your natural teeth.
  • Together with your clinician, choose the teeth which suit your personality and smile.
  • Natural teeth are rarely lined up in a regular formation. Natural smile is achieved with an individual, irregular set-up of the teeth. Compare this with your photo.

Implant restoration (supra-construction)

Implant "CAMLOG"

Denture retention and fit is heavily dependent on the conditions within the mouth. Poor jaw and tissue conditions will impair denture retention. Removable implant restorations provide a solution in this case.

There are a series of possibilities for the actual supra-construction, i.e. the part which is supported by the implant and can be removed by the patient.

This begins with retentive anchor placement

Similar to a press stud, this very simple retaining element is particularly well suited to older, long-term denture wearers. The retentive anchor is placed on the implant and is very easy to clean, even for patients with impaired mobility. This factor is very important for the durability of the construction.

Another alternative is a bar construction

A bar construction consisting of metal or zirconium is placed between the implants. These are the so-called bars on which anchores are installed, which then guarantee excellent denture retention.