What is Swiss Denture Concept?

The Swiss Denture Concept is based on philosophy of denture restoration true to the Swiss model and using the highest quality materials.

How do you recognize a Swiss Denture Concept denture?

A Swiss Denture Concept denture involves additional effort. Your practitioner takes a great deal of time to advise you, to understand your situation and to accommodate your wishes. This means that you have one or two extra treatment sessions. 

Some features of a Swiss Denture Concept denture

  • A primary impression is always taken and an individual functional impression as a second step.
  • The fabrication of your individual Swiss Denture Concept denture requires a so-called intraoral and an extraoral registration. Registration is the precise determination of the functional processes in the jaw joint which leeds to an optimal function of your denture.
  • You will receive a personal patient pass from your practitioner.
    This contains your personal data and also all the details of the Candulor materials used for your Swiss Denture Concept denture.
  • Materials used:
    PhysioStar® NFC anterior teeth and Condyloform® NFC posterior teeth and the denture material is dyed individually to match your gums. All the products which will be used are made by Candulor. Candulor is a Swiss dental manufacturer producing high quality materials to make dentures.

Once the denture is placed, you are also advised in detail on familiarization and care of your new Swiss Denture Concept denture.